Reach Muslims through literacy & English education
An EFL school is bringing English language education to a remote, largely unreached island. Working together with a literacy and library organization, do tentmaking work while improving lives through education and introducing Muslims to Jesus. Teach and live among several Muslim unreached people groups that would otherwise be closed to foreigners. Currently looking for short-term (1+ year) teachers as well as long-term director to take the English school to the next level for the Kingdom.
Sports Outreach in Mongolia
If you love youth and sports, come and join our church-planting team in Mongolia. We are looking for someone to help us run a sports facility for young people. You would get to facilitate sports programs, train Mongolians and build relationships as bridges to the gospel. Would you be willing to use your interest in sports as a means to reach out to people who have not yet heard about Jesus?
Be a midwife in North Africa
Women with midwifery training and at least two years of experience would be assets to antenatal and postnatal clinics working with women and babies in North Africa—short or long term. This is a great way to reach out to women of the community and meet their felt needs, giving opportunities to share the love of Christ while telling women about Jesus. Because of the challenging nature of this work, we long for more women who have hardy personalities and senses of humor. Come and join us in the church-planting opportunities in this unreached people group.
Internship in Chinese ministry in the UK
Explore your role in the Great Commission while gaining experience in the different aspects of church planting, like evangelism, discipleship, intercessory prayer and discovery Bible studies. In a safe and nurturing environment you will have the opportunity to grow in your spiritual walk and your knowledge and practice of God’s Word in the context of building relationships with Chinese immigrants living in the UK.
Use your profession in Mongolia
Come use your specialized knowledge and skills in Mongolia. The opportunities are endless. We need English teachers, dairy farmers, medical professionals, and forestry experts. The key to the work is being able to build relationships while working in your professional field. Your profession can be a catalyst to evangelism and church planting here.
Share Bible stories in Central Asia
There are very few Believers and no church in this rural part of Central Asia, a home of the D people. Primarily a Muslim people with their own distinct language, you can sow seeds of the gospel through Bible storying with the D people. Stay for a year or more on a Bible storying project, learning about D language and culture, developing curriculum, and sharing Bible stories widely throughout the region. Other ways to serve on this team are in agriculture, medicine, business and teaching.
Plant Churches in South Asia
Are you looking for an opportunity to minister to Muslims? A team in South Asia invites you to use your skills and experience in discipleship, evangelism and prayer to help them in their church-planting work. They are passionate about mentoring, mobilizing and training national believers to reach out to their Muslim neighbors. Will you take the time to learn the language and culture so that more people may hear and understand?
Help on an organic farm
Short term and long term opportunities on a team in the heartland of one of the world's largest unreached people groups. Located on an active volcano (erupted in 1982) overlooking a focus group of over six million Muslim people where the first house fellowships in history are being planted, the team operates an organic farm in partnership with a community health initiative. Hands on participation in transformational development and church planting movements among rural Muslim peoples, some of the most unreached people in our world today, while focusing on integrated health and agricultural rural development.
Orchard project in Central Asia
One team in Central Asia is looking for new teammates who can help them with their blooming orchard project in Central Asia. They have a small fruit tree nursery that supplies trees for other growers and they run their own orchards. They offer short- and long-term opportunities to peole who are capable in areas like agriculture, import/export, accounting, marketing, administration and animal husbandry.
Practice medicine in PNG
Work with an indigenous church by using medical expertise and leadership to assist them in one aspect of their outreach to local tribes of people. Help in various Bible teaching positions, and seek ways to help the church develop.
Work with Arabs in the Middle East
Are you willing to start a new work in one of the hardest places on Earth? Think about ministering to Arab Muslims in the Middle East. We would love to see well-equipped workers in each of the major cities of this region reaching out and creating church planting movements. People with ministry and professional skills are especially welcome.
Work at a remote Shoshone Reservation
Come be a part of planting indigenous churches among the Western Shoshone Tribe within the Great Basin area (5000-6000 member tribe). Many varied ministry opportunities available on the reservation, including a medical doctor, IT personnel, school teachers and school administrators. Live on the Western Shoshone reservation where the nearest churches are hundreds of miles away, and cross cultural ministry is at your fingertips. You don't need to cross the ocean to enter into another culture. Come and impact unreached tribes with the gospel of Christ.
Urban Children at Risk
See the Gospel spread among the unreached people of Bolivia, of which the Quechua are the largest group. Work alongside existing churches to strengthen the church body and its leadership and to instill a real understanding of salvation and a strong missionary vision. Missionaries are living in less fortunate areas of larger urban centers and partnering with the local church there to see children ministered to and young people discipled and trained to do ministry in and outside the church. Also looking for workers wanting to help two team members with the local feeding program.
Intercede in the Middle East

Do you have a heart for intercession? Join a team that senses the need for overcoming the spiritual, cultural, and religious strongholds through the power of prayer. This business-focused team has been practicing Fair Trade principles as a church planting model for four years.

As their ministry develops and expands, they are seeing spiritual opposition increase. They believe prayer will open doors that would otherwise remain shut.

Come be a part of this business team and take up the "job" of intercession. Join in daily intercession meetings; be available to pray with others; initiate prayer-walks and help facilitate prayer retreats.

The person we are seeking should be:

  • Flexible and open to new ideas
  • Feels called to prayer as a primary ministry
  • Understands that this is a unique but real ministry and one which the team considers a vital part of their Church Planting strategy
  • Able to serve a minimum of three months, but preferably 6 months to one year
  • Has some business or ministry background and/or served overseas
Engage the unreligious in Germany
Come alongside a team that is passionate about joining the local church in Germany to reach out and eventually send German believers around the world. There are many opportunities to use your gifts and talents to plug into this strategic ministry model. 

They seek web developers and graphic designers to create a website, people with experience and enthusiasm to work with children and youth, others who have a gift for apologetics and can reach out to university students, ESL teachers, and construction or renovation workers who would be able to help supervise a renovation project.

University Ministry in Thailand

Do you like parties, dinners, games, baking brownies, and more parties? How about relational counseling, teaching English, leading Bible studies…and more parties? Then come and have a ministry with plenty of variety as you work with university students where you can use English teaching as a tool for evangelism. Build relationships with some of the brightest young people in the country. Come and help the future leaders of Thailand with job applications, writing references, reading assignments as well as many other tasks as you connect with then in individual and group settings.

Learn to incorporate Bible stories into a secular English teaching program and gently introduce students to key concepts about God. Help them learn that they can study English using Bible stories. The team encourages students to learn more by coming to Bible class where praying, singing and discussing God’s word helps them understand the message of the gospel. Invite those students to attend the English-speaking or the Thai-speaking churches in the area. As students become Christians, they have a solid foundation for growing in their faith and forming their own small groups. Are you a night owl with a passion for university students? Join us because we need more teammates!

Minister aside a national believer

Come work alongside a national believer who has a heart for tribal people. Be a source of encouragement and friendship as you work together with children who have little access to the Gospel. There are open doors to teach English as a way to build relationships and trust with the children and their families. This opportunity is for women only and the time frame is flexible.

  • Work with, learn from, encourage and befriend a national believer
  • Work with tribal children and their families
  • Use your knowledge of English to teach and open doors to share the Gospel
  • Women only - flexible on length of stay
Food Business in Southeast Asia

Do you have business experience? Do you love food? Join a team that has started a business focused on selling food as their primary church planting strategy. Help with menu planning, pricing aspects and business principles in general. If you are interested in helping to launch this creative business, we would love to talk with you. Through this business you will have opportunities to build relationships and significantly impact this spiritually dark land with the truth of the gospel.

  • Use your business skills to help get a food business off the ground
  • Help with menu planning and pricing of products
  • Build relationships and share the Gospel
  • Be a part of a church plant that is just getting off the ground! 
Ministry in South America

Do you want to experience church planting efforts in an existing local church? Then come and work with a team as they seek to strengthen the church and teach a real understanding of salvation. Come work in an area with great need with the least opportunity. Volunteer at day schools, work in youth ministry or help children at risk. Lend a hand with the local feeding program while working alongside seasoned missionaries. For teachers, come and help with the home schooling needs of missionary children. For trained professionals, there are medical needs in a local clinic for nurses, doctors and therapists. If you are a tradesman, we need you to come teach skills to young people.

Come live with a local family and learn Spanish and culture. Or, if you’re proficient in Spanish, then you can learn Quechua. Join this team and attend their weekly prayer meetings and have a missionary mentor for accountability.

  • Many opportunities to use your gifts and skills to actively be a part of ministry
  • Be mentored by trained missionaries
  • Openings for medically trained professionals
  • Live with a local family and learn language
Teach Eastern European youth

Come teach English in one of the newest countries in the world! Join a team that is committed to seeing church planting movements initiated among ethnic Albanians. Since opening the English school, the team has had many opportunities to build friendships and share the Gospel!

Do you have a heart for students and relational evangelism? We are looking for teachers to join this team beginning in September 2012 or January 2013. ESL training is not required, but some teaching experience is helpful. Using a standard curriculum, you will teach a few classes a week freeing up the team to focus on building relationships outside of class. The school’s main focus is on teens, and they find that most of them start coming to Friday night youth group activities as well. Most life-changing ministry here takes place sipping cappuccinos in smoky coffee bars. If you have been looking for an opportunity to make a significant impact and can commit six months to one year, we would love to explore this opportunity together with you! 

  • Teach several English classes a week to teens
  • Focus on building relationships and sharing the gospel with your students
  • Plug in to the Youth Ministry
  • Time Commitment: six months to one year
Reach the Arabian Peninsula

Do you have a heart for Muslims and see the need for the Gospel to spread in the Arabian Peninsula? There are many opportunities to use your gifts and skills as a way to gain access to some of the most difficult places in the world. Join other tentmakers who are using their vocation as a way to build relationships and share Christ’s love. There are opportunities in health care, education (grade school, university, post-graduate, and TEFL/TESOL), pastoral positions, students, etc. We would love to talk with you and hear how the Lord is leading you. Look into opportunities to use your skills in the Arabian Peninsula.

    • Reach the Arabian Peninsula through your profession
    • Join tentmakers from around the world who seek to live, work and minister among the unreached of the Arabian Peninsula

Many are paid positions with a one year contract

Be a Pioneer in Basque Country
The Basque is a beautiful region with a uniquely ancient and progressive culture. Their language is a mystery and the people are intensely proud of their unique place in Europe. The Basques were initially resistant to Christianity, but once converted they became staunch Catholics. Now they are post-Christian, post-God, post-modern and have been shaped by the past violence and oppression from the Spanish dictator and the current violent liberation movement. Due to a history of religion and church, the Basques have been inoculated to the truth of Scripture and they are resistant to hearing the God´s Word. We are looking for leaders to start a team to plant a church among the Basque people in northern Spain and southern France. Will you be one of the first Pioneers to reach this unreached people?
Cattle ranching in East Asia
On a beautiful 1300-acre cattle farm in East Asia, help initiate church-planting movements in nearby villages. The farm also hosts conferences, camps, and training for various groups. Looking for people with skills or interest in: agricultural outreach/training, specifically working with beef cattle, general agriculture experience, veterinary medicine, community health, camping ministry, rural development, mechanics or solar/wind power energy resources. Short term and long term opportunities! Inquire today.
Maintenance skills needed in PNG
People with practical skills needed! A team in Papua New Guinea is seeking someone with maintenance skills (engines, carpentry, facility maintenance). This team works in tandem with the local church for gospel ministry and training local Christians in practical skills. Would you be willing to give a month or a year to encourage a team, teach practical skills to local trainees, and share the gospel with those who have not yet heard about Jesus?
Mobilization & church planting in Japan
Help mobilize other workers as you introduce short-termers to what God is doing in Japan. Teach an English class, share your testimony over coffee with a university student, or host Thanksgiving dinner in your home in order to build new relationships. Learn language and culture as you work with other teammates to plant a church in a country where 125 million people have never heard the Good News of Jesus.
Help establish an NGO in South Asia
One church-planting team in South Asia is looking for an individual to help create
development structures like an NGO to assist in their team’s ministry to Muslims. Use your practical skills in development while engaging in discipleship, evangelism and prayer to join in their church-planting work. They are passionate about mentoring, mobilizing and training national believers to reach out to their Muslim neighbors. Will you take the time to learn the language and culture so that more people may hear and understand?
Work with South Asian students
Are you passionate about youth and making disciples who want to multiply their faith? Church planters in South Asia partner with the local church to raise up followers of Christ who have a desire to reach out to the 20+ people groups in the region. Think about helping Christian youth multiply their faith and reaching out to students with great potential who are being given little gospel attention.
Clean water & medical specialists in North Africa
Meet practical, physical needs through well-drilling, sanitation projects, medical care for babies and young children, medical care for adults, and veterinarian care for livestock. Missionary visas are available in this country where the tribes are almost completely unreached. There are no churches; at the most each tribe has three believers; several have none. Don't expect a routine. And the conditions are rough. But, this challenging environment is a wide-open door!
Use accounting in PNG
A team in Papua New Guinea seeks an accountant who can train local accountants and help the church with her financial obligations. With this team you would be training local Christians with practical skills while living among people who have yet to hear about Jesus. Would you be willing to give a year or more to encourage this team?
Be a midwife in East Africa
Looking for midwives and health care workers who can spend their days with moms and families, building relationships and meeting their health needs. In this country, there is significant freedom to talk about Jesus and workers can be bold in how they share about their faith. Currently, there is no church among this people group of 15 million, and the need for evangelism and discipleship is great.
Engage Gypsies in Central Europe
Have you ever wanted to impact one of the most elusive and misunderstood people groups, ones who are shunned by outsiders and voluntarily isolate themselves from other people? Consider joining a church planting team working with Gypsies. Build relationships with Gypsies and local church leaders, start Discovery Bible Studies, share the gospel broadly, and experientially learn church planting methods.
Manage a resort in South Asia
If you have experience in hotel management, check this out. A Christian in South Asia is looking to hire a believer to help manage a resort. This is a great way to get to know the local culture while serving on a church-planting team that partners with the local church to reach out to the unreached people they live among.
Plant a Church among the Kutchi people
The Kutchi are a diverse people group of unreached Hindus and Muslims who share a common language. Ministry among them provides a wide range of opportunities for the pioneering individual or family! Possibilities include English teaching (possibly through a call center), agricultural improvement, tourism, hotel development, water treatment, well drilling, IT outsourcing, exporting handicrafts, ethnomusicology, pastoral care, etc. Each of these platforms would facilitate relationship building, leading to a church-planting movement among the Kutchi people.
Plant churches among middle-class professionals
In a city of 9 million people, 80% are Hindu, 12% are Muslim. Come be part of a church planting movement among urban, middle class Hindu and Muslim working professionals. There are many opportunities to serve in this new work through business, first aid and safety training, education and more. The team is also looking for a homeschool teacher for at least 1 year. Inquire today about this church planting team!
Educate missionary kids
If you're passionate about teaching children or youth, and you'd like up-close experience in cross-cultural gospel ministry, look no further. Consider teaching missionary kids of all ages in Indonesia, France, Southeast Asia, Mexico City, Turkey, North Africa or Central Asia.
Teach grade school in the Middle East
If you have a degree, speak English as your native language and have a heart for children, come to the Middle East as an elementary school teacher. We need teachers for kindergarten through 5th grades in a school that uses American Christian curriculum. Language, cultural, ministry and teacher training are included. You just need to be willing to come. This school is our platform for outreach to children, their families and the wider community.
Coach in South Asia
Do you have a heart for the nations and for sports? One team in South Asia urgently needs football (soccer) and basketball coaches to join an existing sports club. This is a great chance to engage with young men and their families. Coaches are highly respected in South Asia. Coaching gives you an amazing opportunity to speak into the lives of your students as a rolemodel and witness for Christ.
Marketing & web design in the Middle East
A Pioneers team in the Middle East is looking for people who, like Jesus and Paul, are craftsmen for the sake of sharing the gospel. They have expressed a need for those who are blessed with office organization are able to work in marketing and/or web design. You would be joining this team in sharing the Good News and discipling Muslim nationals around them. This team would welcome short-termer but have a definite desire for long-term partners in the work. Apply today to join this team or contact us for more information.
Pioneer a new work in Thailand

If you are interested in not building on another man’s foundation, consider working in a rural part of Thailand with no known churches or believers. Among this people group are some of the area’s most poor and oppressed, who until now, have had no opportunity to hear about Jesus. Engage in mercy ministry, addiction recovery, youth ministry and more. Through prayer walking and finding people who are interested in learning about God, be part of a team that will begin pioneering the first disciple-making movement among this unengaged people group. Watch this video.

Library & literacy for the under-served
Work with two people groups with a combined population of about 700,000 farmers and mountain dwellers, whose cultures and languages are very different from most of the neighboring people groups. A new library and literacy center for under-served communities is a bridge to church planting movements among this Muslim people group.
Be an engineer in North Africa
A unique opportunity exists for creative access in this closed country in Northern Africa. Engineers or other jobs in the petroleum industry or construction and infrastructure engineers are welcomed.
Muslim university ministry
Spend a summer In a country where conversion from Islam is illegal. You will have a chance to teach English at a huge Muslim university, with students from 125 countries. Teachers do not need formal credentials, you will learn on the job. Be part of church-planting team building cross-cultural relationships with Muslims from all over the Arab world.
Community Outreach to Bosnians
One team in Bosnia focuses on soaking their church-planting efforts in prayer. They actively seek people of peace who want to study God's Word with them. They meet people and reach out through a community center, where people can jump into ministry through the crisis pregnancy center, a counseling program for addicts, English courses, exercise classes and more. Perhaps you have something to offer this community.

Agriculturist in East Asia
Do you have a strong background in agriculture that you want to use as a platform for church planting? Join a team that started a fruit tree nursery to make conections with an unreached people group in East Asia. Give valuable insight to their agricultural project with hands on consulting and experience while helping troubleshoot issues like grafting. This opportunity is available from six months to 2 or more years.
Minister to Arab Immigrants in Western Europe

Bring Christ to the Arab World by doing holistic community ministry in an urban neighborhood. Join a team that seeks to offer high quality services that meet the needs of the local immigrant population - mostly North Africans. Ministry opportunities include an after-school tutoring program (for Grades 1—12) five days per week, a weekly clothing Thrift Store, and as-needed food bank and home support services. We are looking for young adults eager to live and serve in this social environment.

  • Open to loving children of the ghetto
  • Conversational French (the shorter the stay the greater the proficiency required)
  • TESL certifications, math and sciences degrees, art teacher and camp ministry experience are all advantages but not required.
  • We offer Christian community living and a close team experience
  • Could be coupled with an exposure trip to North Africa
Educators in Mexico
Are you a trained and passionate teacher of children? A team in Mexico is looking for teachers to work at a community center in Mexico. They need help with writing programs and discipleship material. Others may reach out to unchurched urban children and their families, integrating them into local churches through evangelism, discipleship and social work. The community center offers classes or activities in computer, sports, cooking, sewing, self-defense, homework help, music, woodwork, exercise, etc. There are also opportunities for medical and dental work.
TESOL Training at Christian College
Train Christian leaders in Papua New Guinea at a Bible college offering Bachelors and Masters degrees. Looking for teachers to help start a TESOL certification program. Masters in TESOL required to teach. Other opportunities at the school vary, so please inquire today if you are interested in training leaders of Christian churches and ministries within PNG and missionaries to move beyond!
Help at a community center in Mexico

Come alongside unchurched urban children and families through teaching English at a community center. The center has classes on everything from computers and cooking to sports, music and woodworking. Use the skills that God has given you to open doors to minister to the urban poor. There is also a medical side to the center, with opportunities for doctors, dentists, optometrists and psychologists to share the love of Christ through meeting physical needs. Spend time learning Spanish and the local culture as you build relationships.

-Teach at a community center

-Use healthcare as a way to share Christ's love

-Ministry opportunities include teaching English, computers, sports, cooking, sewing, self defense, music, woodworking, aerobics, medical outreaches

-Learn Spanish and the local culture

Guide tours with a foreign travel company
Bring Westerners to the region for travel and tourism. Open relationships with hotel owners and tour providers. Develop plans for new tours, hotels and restaurants to facilitate lasting relationships.
Minister to Hindus and Muslims
Work with women and children within the church and in Hindu communities. Reach out to Muslim university students. Minister to those in prison.