Engage the unreligious in Germany
Come alongside a team that is passionate about joining the local church in Germany to reach out and eventually send German believers around the world. There are many opportunities to use your gifts and talents to plug into this strategic ministry model. 

They seek web developers and graphic designers to create a website, people with experience and enthusiasm to work with children and youth, others who have a gift for apologetics and can reach out to university students, ESL teachers, and construction or renovation workers who would be able to help supervise a renovation project.

University Ministry in Thailand

Do you like parties, dinners, games, baking brownies, and more parties? How about relational counseling, teaching English, leading Bible studies…and more parties? Then come and have a ministry with plenty of variety as you work with university students where you can use English teaching as a tool for evangelism. Build relationships with some of the brightest young people in the country. Come and help the future leaders of Thailand with job applications, writing references, reading assignments as well as many other tasks as you connect with then in individual and group settings.

Learn to incorporate Bible stories into a secular English teaching program and gently introduce students to key concepts about God. Help them learn that they can study English using Bible stories. The team encourages students to learn more by coming to Bible class where praying, singing and discussing God’s word helps them understand the message of the gospel. Invite those students to attend the English-speaking or the Thai-speaking churches in the area. As students become Christians, they have a solid foundation for growing in their faith and forming their own small groups. Are you a night owl with a passion for university students? Join us because we need more teammates!

Ministry in South America

Do you want to experience church planting efforts in an existing local church? Then come and work with a team as they seek to strengthen the church and teach a real understanding of salvation. Come work in an area with great need with the least opportunity. Volunteer at day schools, work in youth ministry or help children at risk. Lend a hand with the local feeding program while working alongside seasoned missionaries. For teachers, come and help with the home schooling needs of missionary children. For trained professionals, there are medical needs in a local clinic for nurses, doctors and therapists. If you are a tradesman, we need you to come teach skills to young people.

Come live with a local family and learn Spanish and culture. Or, if you’re proficient in Spanish, then you can learn Quechua. Join this team and attend their weekly prayer meetings and have a missionary mentor for accountability.

  • Many opportunities to use your gifts and skills to actively be a part of ministry
  • Be mentored by trained missionaries
  • Openings for medically trained professionals
  • Live with a local family and learn language
Teach Eastern European youth

Come teach English in one of the newest countries in the world! Join a team that is committed to seeing church planting movements initiated among ethnic Albanians. Since opening the English school, the team has had many opportunities to build friendships and share the Gospel!

Do you have a heart for students and relational evangelism? We are looking for teachers to join this team beginning in September 2012 or January 2013. ESL training is not required, but some teaching experience is helpful. Using a standard curriculum, you will teach a few classes a week freeing up the team to focus on building relationships outside of class. The school’s main focus is on teens, and they find that most of them start coming to Friday night youth group activities as well. Most life-changing ministry here takes place sipping cappuccinos in smoky coffee bars. If you have been looking for an opportunity to make a significant impact and can commit six months to one year, we would love to explore this opportunity together with you! 

  • Teach several English classes a week to teens
  • Focus on building relationships and sharing the gospel with your students
  • Plug in to the Youth Ministry
  • Time Commitment: six months to one year
Maintenance skills needed in PNG
People with practical skills needed! A team in Papua New Guinea is seeking someone with maintenance skills (engines, carpentry, facility maintenance). This team works in tandem with the local church for gospel ministry and training local Christians in practical skills. Would you be willing to give a month or a year to encourage a team, teach practical skills to local trainees, and share the gospel with those who have not yet heard about Jesus?
Mobilization & church planting in Japan
Help mobilize other workers as you introduce short-termers to what God is doing in Japan. Teach an English class, share your testimony over coffee with a university student, or host Thanksgiving dinner in your home in order to build new relationships. Learn language and culture as you work with other teammates to plant a church in a country where 125 million people have never heard the Good News of Jesus.
Help establish an NGO in South Asia
One church-planting team in South Asia is looking for an individual to help create
development structures like an NGO to assist in their team’s ministry to Muslims. Use your practical skills in development while engaging in discipleship, evangelism and prayer to join in their church-planting work. They are passionate about mentoring, mobilizing and training national believers to reach out to their Muslim neighbors. Will you take the time to learn the language and culture so that more people may hear and understand?
Work with South Asian students
Are you passionate about youth and making disciples who want to multiply their faith? Church planters in South Asia partner with the local church to raise up followers of Christ who have a desire to reach out to the 20+ people groups in the region. Think about helping Christian youth multiply their faith and reaching out to students with great potential who are being given little gospel attention.
Clean water & medical specialists in North Africa
Meet practical, physical needs through well-drilling, sanitation projects, medical care for babies and young children, medical care for adults, and veterinarian care for livestock. Missionary visas are available in this country where the tribes are almost completely unreached. There are no churches; at the most each tribe has three believers; several have none. Don't expect a routine. And the conditions are rough. But, this challenging environment is a wide-open door!
Use accounting in PNG
A team in Papua New Guinea seeks an accountant who can train local accountants and help the church with her financial obligations. With this team you would be training local Christians with practical skills while living among people who have yet to hear about Jesus. Would you be willing to give a year or more to encourage this team?
Be a midwife in East Africa
Looking for midwives and health care workers who can spend their days with moms and families, building relationships and meeting their health needs. In this country, there is significant freedom to talk about Jesus and workers can be bold in how they share about their faith. Currently, there is no church among this people group of 15 million, and the need for evangelism and discipleship is great.
Engage Gypsies in Central Europe
Have you ever wanted to impact one of the most elusive and misunderstood people groups, ones who are shunned by outsiders and voluntarily isolate themselves from other people? Consider joining a church planting team working with Gypsies. Build relationships with Gypsies and local church leaders, start Discovery Bible Studies, share the gospel broadly, and experientially learn church planting methods.
Manage a resort in South Asia
If you have experience in hotel management, check this out. A Christian in South Asia is looking to hire a believer to help manage a resort. This is a great way to get to know the local culture while serving on a church-planting team that partners with the local church to reach out to the unreached people they live among.
Plant churches among middle-class professionals
In a city of 9 million people, 80% are Hindu, 12% are Muslim. Come be part of a church planting movement among urban, middle class Hindu and Muslim working professionals. There are many opportunities to serve in this new work through business, first aid and safety training, education and more. The team is also looking for a homeschool teacher for at least 1 year. Inquire today about this church planting team!
Summer opportunities with The Edge
From the jungles of South America, to the bustling cities of Southeast Asia, or the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East—come be a part of God’s movement to reach the remaining 2.5 billion people who are physically and spiritually isolated from the Gospel.