Non-Cash Giving

Did you know that Americans fill more than 78 square miles of storage space with their stuff? That’s enough space to cover Manhattan three times! And it costs us $24 billion per year just to store all of this stuff. That’s a significant amount of money.

Do you wonder if all of these resources—the stuff and the finances—could be used for some greater purpose? Pioneers now accepts non-cash gifts of all kinds. Through a partnership with iDonate, we can process that old vehicle, electronic, stocks, etc. and liquidate those non-cash gifts into funds that support our mission (that is, to send missionaries to work among unreached people groups).

But do non-cash gifts really make a difference? You decide. Recently, Pioneers received a donation in the form of corporate stocks. Once processed by iDonate, those stocks were valued at $20,000! And another person recently donated an old home theater projector, which provided us with around $200—a very helpful sum for a missionary on the field.