Launch Teams

Beginning a new life in a foreign culture is daunting, but Pioneers has a solution—launch teams. Be mentored by a team of long-term church planters for up to two years while learning the language and culture. Take that one to two years to explore teams and areas where you can serve long-term.

The Amazon jungle is full of many things. Snakes. Spiders. Trees. Panthers. Bugs. But the most important of them all is the unreached souls of thousands who have not yet heard the gospel.  If you have a heart for those who could go their whole lives without hearing the good news of Jesus Christ, then join the Amazon Launch Team. There you will get acclimated to the culture, people and language for twelve to twenty four months before setting out into the Amazon to reach a tribe with the Good News.  While being trained and mentored in church-planting ministry by the team, you will have the opportunity to explore other teams and ministries in the area. Apply here, or contact Pioneers with any questions.


Paul the Apostle, before he was martyred in Rome, sought to go to the Iberian Peninsula.  He died knowing that there was a great need for the people in Iberia to hear and interact with Jesus. More than two thousand years later, the need is still current. The people of the Iberian Peninsula—Spain and Portugal—still need the gospel in their lives. The Iberian Launch Team would love to welcome new members to get acclimated to the language and culture before moving to other teams and opportunities throughout the peninsula to reach those people. Join this bridge team for six months and two years for mentorship, language and cultural training before launching out to a new area in Iberia.  Apply now, or contact Pioneers with any questions.


With nine hundred and sixty million Hindus, one hundred thirty eight million Muslims, ten million Buddhists, and twenty one million Sikhs, India is indisputably in need of the gospel. In order to reach the people of India, training in culture, language, and church planting is essential. Pioneers’ India Launch will help facilitate your training in culture, language and church planting while helping you—as a new member of Pioneers—explore other teams and opportunities available after your two years of training are finished.  Apply here today, or contact Pioneers with any questions.


With a culture influenced by the Middle East, Mediterranean Europe and Saharan Africa, North Africa is a unique place.  Acclimating to the language and customs is difficult. One Pioneers Launch team provides a place that allows new Pioneers to grow and learn for one to two years before launching to other teams around the region or starting a brand new team. This Launch team in a Muslim dominated country helps new members reach ministry effectiveness by encouraging spiritual and character growth, providing accountability, building team dynamics and facilitating language and culture acquisition. Together, the team works to equip each member in evangelism, discipleship and church planting in this needy place. Apply for this team, or contact Pioneers with any questions. 


Pioneers is looking for individuals with professional skills to join the Nile Launch Team in North Africa. Learn modern Arabic that is spoken by so many while learning to interact with Muslims and plant churches among them. In this context, the local church currently works to mobilize believers for ministry among the unreached. While learning the local language and culture, explore different pockets of people or teams to launch to after getting trained. Apply today to be a part of this mentoring program, or contact Pioneers with any questions you may have.


Japan is historically a difficult nation for the gospel to take root. Cultural tradition and religious differences are the heart of that difficulty. But the millions of un-believers in Japan still need to hear and interact with the truth despite the difficulty. The Japan Launch Team is facilitating the spread of the Truth to this spiritually needy nation with mission mentorship, language and cultural training for new Pioneers. We need more workers to sow and reap in the harvest field of Japan. New Pioneers will facilitate the mobilization of national believers and begin to help reach a people who desperately need the Lord. Apply here today to fill this great need, or contact Pioneers with any questions.


These lands saw the feet of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.  These mountains heard the shouts of Joshua and of David. These roads were the first to carry the gospel to the world. The countries of the Middle East hold a rich biblical history. Yet today the people that live there have very little knowledge of their Savior who shed blood so that they might be restored to the Father.  Pioneers has great hope that this fact will change. The Salt Launch Team in the Middle East is looking to be a bridge to the unreached Muslim people of these lands.  They welcome new Pioneers to their team for one to two years in order to get language and culture training while working among experienced church planters. They will give you member care, oversight in training, and spiritual accountability so that you can thrive long-term in the Middle East.  Apply here today, or contact us with any questions.

East Islands

Without language or cultural training, the task of sharing the gospel among an unreached people group in Southeast Asia is almost impossible. The Islands Launch Team helps those faced with this undertaking by building them up in language and cultural training for one to two years. Before sending them out to fulfill the call that God has placed on their lives, the team will pour into these new Pioneers by helping them concentrate on time management, ethnography, church planting strategy, and character development in order to be effectively equipped to reach the lost in this predominantly Muslim Southeast Asian nation. Apply here today, or contact Pioneers with any questions you have.

East Asia

The church in East Asia is exploding—despite great persecution and repression.  The believers there are passionate about the Lord. They wish to see His word spread throughout their lands. Join the East Asia Launch Team. They will guide you in language and cultural learning as well as teaching you what it means to have a good team dynamic.  In a well-planned, eight-module system, this team will help you gather effective tools for reaching nationals of various ethnic groups and faiths so that they too can spread the Good News about Christ. Apply here today, or contact Pioneers with any questions you may have. 


Imagine stepping off the plane exhausted, hit by a wave of heat, new smells, new sounds. Sellers cry out in a language you don't speak, signs are in a script that you don't read. You have a heart for the Arab people, but how do you communicate across the barriers in order to share the love and message of Christ? Pioneers understands the challenge and believes in helping you reach your goal to minister to people in the Arabian Gulf. Join the Makan Launch Team to receive essential cultural and language training that will build a bridge to the Arab people. Before launching out to a new team and region, they will encourage you spiritually and personally in the twelve to twenty four months that it takes to complete your language training. If your heart is for the Arab people, apply here today, or contact us with any questions that you have.