Reach the Bahl people in Southeast Asia

Two million people. Zero Believers in this unreached people group in Southeast Asia. An oppressed and marginalized people, the Bahl people are citizens of no country, and speak a language which is unwritten. There are no Christian materials in their language. To be Bahl is to be Muslim, however, God is doing a beautiful thing among them. Because of their current plight, many Bahl's are open to hear anything that might bring them hope. Bahl's are asking for Bibles, for stories about Jesus in their own language, for prayer, and for God. God has prepared their hearts and continues to prepare them; the question is who will go to tell them? Call today if you want to go to the Bahl people of Southeast Asia!


We want to connect you with the unreached—through prayer, financial investment and even exploring how your gifts, talents and passions intersect with the expansion of the Kingdom of God among the nations.