Reach the Arabian Peninsula


Do you have a heart for Muslims and see the need for the Gospel to spread in the Arabian Peninsula? There are many opportunities to use your gifts and skills as a way to gain access to some of the most difficult places in the world. Join other tentmakers who are using their vocation as a way to build relationships and share Christ’s love. There are opportunities in health care, education (grade school, university, post-graduate, and TEFL/TESOL), pastoral positions, students, etc. We would love to talk with you and hear how the Lord is leading you. Look into opportunities to use your skills in the Arabian Peninsula.

    • Reach the Arabian Peninsula through your profession
    • Join tentmakers from around the world who seek to live, work and minister among the unreached of the Arabian Peninsula

Many are paid positions with a one year contract


We want to connect you with the unreached—through prayer, financial investment and even exploring how your gifts, talents and passions intersect with the expansion of the Kingdom of God among the nations.