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NYC Immerse

Spend one year in New York City working alongside experienced church planters to gain practical ministry experience, mentoring and understanding of a biblical worldview of mission. Gain a firm theological foundation and put it into practice by:

  • learning the DNA of reproducible church planting;
  • evangelizing and discipling cross-culturally;
  • launching house churches through discovery bible studies;
  • seeing the power of the gospel among the unreached!

Wherever you’re coming from or going to, NYC Immerse will prepare you for ministry in your neighborhood or a city across the world.

Work in business in Central Asia
In a city founded over 2000 years ago during the height of trade on one of the routes of the anient Silk Road, a Pioneers team is running an animal feed business. They are looking for an animal feed specialist and an accountant who will help them further their business goals. It's a means of helping them contribute to the economy in the region's agricultural industries while building relationships with individuals from the two Turkic people groups of that city. Get on-the-job, church-planting, language and cultural training while building relationships with local people so that you may share the the Good News about Jesus with them.
Educate missionary kids
If you're passionate about teaching children or youth, and you'd like up-close experience in cross-cultural gospel ministry, look no further. Consider teaching missionary kids of all ages in Indonesia, France, Southeast Asia, Mexico City, Turkey, North Africa or Central Asia.
Minister to atheists in creative ways

Europe seems like it has access to the gospel, right? But what if you lived in an area where you were told that your priest is the only person who can understand the Bible. Many people of Poland grow up in church tradition without encountering God’s Word for themselves. That leaves a secular culture of people who identify with a religion but not faith.


Perhaps you would fit well on a team of people using creative ways to reach Poles. They have a need for people who are certified to teach English as a second language, who are gifted in music and art, who love working with youth or are skilled in sports (like BMX and in-line skating, skateboarding, etc.).


Serve on a team with a long-term worker while reaching into two communities with less than 10 known Christians. Contact us to find out more.

Teach grade school in the Middle East
If you have a degree, speak English as your native language and have a heart for children, come to the Middle East as an elementary school teacher. We need teachers for kindergarten through 5th grades in a school that uses American Christian curriculum. Language, cultural, ministry and teacher training are included. You just need to be willing to come. This school is our platform for outreach to children, their families and the wider community.
One year in the Sower's Project
Spend a year among the unreached of Asia humbly learning language & culture and sowing the gospel seed in partnership with indigenous work. Travel to remote areas of the country and experience minority cultures. Serve field missionaries. Grow in your own relationship with the Lord through close accountability with your team and a community that is devoted to studying the Word together and prayerfully depending on the Holy Spirit. Come sow for one year! Begins in the Fall.

Check out the Sower's Project blog here.
Join a team in Southeast Asia who seek to plant a church among the seven unreached Muslim people groups in their area. They have begun a mariculture (marine agriculture) business and see other people who are passionate about sharing the gospel and have experience or education in business or marine science and envrionmental studies. Consider short- or long-term service in this unique environment and business.
Outreach to disadvantaged kids
If you feel called to minister to children and families, look no further. A team in Thailand is reaching out to families by ministering to their children. There are opportunities to help sick children in the hospital, have a dramatic ministry through a bilingual puppet drama and teaching English and sharing the gospel with disadvantaged kids. Not only that, take the chance to partner with the local church in this outrach in order to plant new churches among the Buddhidst of Thailand.
Social media outreach
Are you able to successfully manage and grow followers in social media accounts?  If so, we’d love for you to come to South Asia to help us engage local people using your skills. We began a multimedia campaign to engage young men from the unreached people group we serve. Have fun managing the Facebook page. Curate and create content for the website. Use this as a way to introduce truth to thousands of young Hindu men.
Coach in South Asia
Do you have a heart for the nations and for sports? One team in South Asia urgently needs football (soccer) and basketball coaches to join an existing sports club. This is a great chance to engage with young men and their families. Coaches are highly respected in South Asia. Coaching gives you an amazing opportunity to speak into the lives of your students as a rolemodel and witness for Christ.
Practice holistic healthcare
Work in a local health clinic to access rural communities and bring holistic transformation to villages in South Asia. Teach basic health care classes, share your faith and engage in discipleship through the local church. There is need for doctors, nurses and those with administrative gifts.
Develop a coffee farm
Develop a coffee farm

Would you like to follow in the footsteps of Paul? Tentmaking is an integral part of church mission strategy and has been for thousands of years. In South East Asia, one Pioneers team is looking for individuals to develop their business as mission (BAM) opportunities long-term. They seek business-minded people who can utilize their God-given skills in business or agriculture to the further development of His kingdom in Southeast Asia in a growing coffee business. They also hope to use the profits of the business to help fund local pastors and evangelists. Apply here today or contact Pioneers for more details.

Prevent missionaries from being hacked

Just as it was in the days of Jesus there are those in this world who would do their best to disrupt, undermine and destroy the work of the Gospel. Pioneers must be careful about their online communications.  In an increasingly connected world, it is easy to be exposed or hacked to the detriment of the Gospel. One Pioneers team is dedicated to stopping it.  Headquartered in the UK, they establish IT security for both Pioneers church planters on the field and missionaries from other organizations.

This team seeks an individual to provide administrative, technical and business leadership to the IT team operating in the UK. This individual  would work with the Chief Operating Officer of the Media Departmet to help ensure that the department is financially viable.  This team also needs more team members with specialization in networking, programming, systems integration, security and the help-desk. This is a great opportunity that holds the ropes for so many Pioneers who are laboring for the sake of Christ. Apply here or contact Pioneers with any questions. 

Engineering in Southeast Asia

If you have experience in engineering or construction join a Pioneers team in South East Asia.  They are also seeking skilled and experienced workers to be part of their church-planting efforts there. Your career is a starting point to share the gospel with some of the millions who have not even heard of Jesus Christ. Your job will give them the opportunity to interact with Him for the first time.  Apply now or contact Pioneers for more information. The fields are ripe, the workers few.

Teach your craft in South America
Being the hands and feet of Christ means that sometimes we have to use our hands and feet to reach out to those who don't know Him. A Pioneers Team in South America needs people with skills like woodworking, welding, drama and sports. Come and teach your craft to the local people. They have a center of learning set up as a community development project to help reach the unreached and poor. This is your opportunity to preach the Gospel through the skills that you have obtained by the grace of God. Apply here today, or contact Pioneers with any questions you have.
Marketing & web design in the Middle East
A Pioneers team in the Middle East is looking for people who, like Jesus and Paul, are craftsmen for the sake of sharing the gospel. They have expressed a need for those who are blessed with office organization are able to work in marketing and/or web design. You would be joining this team in sharing the Good News and discipling Muslim nationals around them. This team would welcome short-termer but have a definite desire for long-term partners in the work. Apply today to join this team or contact us for more information.
Help manage an orchard
Are you business-minded? Are you drawn to the peoples of Central Asia? Now there is an opportunity in Central Asia that allows you to do just that while at the same time harvesting physical fields! A rural Pioneer team in Central Asia needs people with business management skills to help develop and manage an orchard and agriculture company. They are ministering to a specific Muslim people group and utilize the business as a means of outreach. This is a long-term opportunity to invest in the people of Central Asia. Contact us about this need or fill out an application today!
Launch Teams

Beginning a new life in a foreign culture is daunting, but Pioneers has a solution—launch teams. Be mentored by a team of long-term church planters for up to two years while learning the language and culture. Take that one to two years to explore teams and areas where you can serve long-term.

Sports camps in Central Asia
Some people see just a ball, but others see it an opportunity. A Pioneers team in the Caucasus sees just that. They want to use that ball to reach the lost. They are focused on using sports as a means of connecting with the local Muslims and seek new teammates who are able to run sports camps in various sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball, wrestling or rock climbing. Are you ready to use your sporting ability to reach the lost? Apply here today, or contact Pioneers with any questions.
Coordinate a sports camp in East Asia
East Asia is dire need of the Gospel. Tens of millions there have never heard the truth about Jesus. In a Muslim dominated region in the heart of Asia, a Pioneers team seeks an individual to be a sports camp coordinator. You will join the team there in establishing churches and discipling believers so that they can join in the gospel work in the region. Apply here, or contact Pioneers with any questions you have.
Practice medicine in PNG
Work with an indigenous church by using medical expertise and leadership to assist them in one aspect of their outreach to local tribes of people. Help in various Bible teaching positions, and seek ways to help the church develop.
Urban Children at Risk
See the Gospel spread among the unreached people of Bolivia, of which the Quechua are the largest group. Work alongside existing churches to strengthen the church body and its leadership and to instill a real understanding of salvation and a strong missionary vision. Missionaries are living in less fortunate areas of larger urban centers and partnering with the local church there to see children ministered to and young people discipled and trained to do ministry in and outside the church. Also looking for workers wanting to help two team members with the local feeding program.
Creative people needed in Southeast Asia
Writers, photographers and videographers are welcome to serve on a team in Southeast Asia. Do you have a passion to use your creative gifting to share Christ with an unreached people group? This team works in tandem with local believers to plant churches. They need your skills to help them courageously, yet sensitively, communicate the gospel message to this unreached people group.
Teach Refugees in the Horn of Africa
Being a speaker of English is an asset that will give you influence among refugees from war-torn lands in Africa. If you have a desire to teach and a love of people who don’t know Jesus, come and spend two months or longer on a church-planting team working among these Muslim refugees. Teaching English and building relationships provides opportunities to plant churches among these refugees who are seeking a better life in the US and UK, where knowing English is vital. Help them gain valuable language skills while sharing the Good News about Jesus with them.
Mission internship in Siberia

Spend 6 months to 2 years as a missions intern in Siberia while studying and living with Siberian, Russian and international students at a university where shamanist, Muslim and Buddhist worlds intersect. Learn from long-term missionaries and join their team, discipling students towards a relationship with Jesus through oral Bible storytelling. Learn from the experience of long-termers, the history of other missions movements, fellow students and interns and, most importantly, God. This Siberian internship is a great place to start your missional journey.

Pioneer a new work in Thailand

If you are interested in not building on another man’s foundation, consider working in a rural part of Thailand with no known churches or believers. Among this people group are some of the area’s most poor and oppressed, who until now, have had no opportunity to hear about Jesus. Engage in mercy ministry, addiction recovery, youth ministry and more. Through prayer walking and finding people who are interested in learning about God, be part of a team that will begin pioneering the first disciple-making movement among this unengaged people group. Watch this video.

Child sponsorship coordinator for orphans
Spend a year as a child sponsorship coordinator on a team in East Africa. If you love children and have good written and spoken communication skills, you are tailor made to serve missionaries and the East African church as they minister to orphans. Plan and implement child sponsorship projects and coordinate activities for visiting teams of volunteers to take part in the work on the compound. While working with missionary and local church leaders you will also have the opportunity to participate in outreach activities designed for local children of the surrounding area.
Construction & maintenance in East Africa
A team in East Africa is seeking an individual who is able to build and perform necessary maintenance at an orphanage, primary school and medical clinic. Work among locals and refugees to keep the compound running smoothly, reach out to the surrounding bush villages and train local workers in construction methods. You will have opportunities to train people who have need of your skills while communicating God’s love to them by sharing your faith in Christ.
Use your nursing skills in East Africa
If you’re looking for a place to use your nursing skills, look no further. Spend six months or more on a multi-cultural team in East Africa that runs a medical clinic, a primary school and an orphanage as an outreach to the people and refugees in the area.
Make movies to plant churches in Mexico
As a videographer and film editor, you can help a team in Mexico plant churches among the deaf. Because all effective communication for the deaf is visual, this team is seeking a creative and self-motivated individual who can help them develop a long-term media plan and create films that will communicate hope and truth to the deaf community there. Would you be willing to use your artistic skills and vision to communicate the gospel in this way?
Teach in a Muslim-English school

If you have a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, linguistics or TEFL with a TEFL certificate, there is a perfect opportunity waiting for you. A church planting team on an island in Southeast Asia needs a teacher with a heart for kids who would commit one to two years to help them with their English school. The potential for building relationships and ministry are amazing as you serve on this church-planting team, ministering to Muslims.

Plant a church among the deaf in Mexico
If you are passionate about church planting, consider using your passion and skills among the deaf in Mexico. An already established team in Mexico is training deaf people in sign language, deaf education, and the Bible. They want teammates with cross-cultural experience who can help with strategic planning and teaching for planting churches among the deaf in their area. No experience with deaf education is necessary, as it can be learned on the field.
Library & literacy for the under-served
Work with two people groups with a combined population of about 700,000 farmers and mountain dwellers, whose cultures and languages are very different from most of the neighboring people groups. A new library and literacy center for under-served communities is a bridge to church planting movements among this Muslim people group.
Current Positions at Pioneers USA
Current Positions at Pioneers USA
Click here to see positions currently available at our Missionary Service Center in Orlando, Florida.
Reach Chinese Immigrants in the UK
Join a church-planting team working among Chinese immigrants short- or long-term. Get experience building relationships with Chinese while teaching English to Chinese and other international students, minister to Chinese mothers and their children. Learn to share the Gospel with the Chinese immigrants who are eager to learn about God and facilitate Bible studies for those who are seekers and new believers. You will enjoy this vibrant ministry while living and working in the UK with this team.
Use art & media to advance the gospel
Your communication and artistic skills could be invaluable to a long-term church-planting team reaching out to Chinese immigrants living in the UK. Help them with photography, video and social media while prayer walking the community and interceding for the Chinese. Interact with Chinese to research how to engage them with the gospel. Technology and media are invaluable tools in outreach efforts, please come to help us develop our materials and prayer resources.
Be an engineer in North Africa
A unique opportunity exists for creative access in this closed country in Northern Africa. Engineers or other jobs in the petroleum industry or construction and infrastructure engineers are welcomed.
Reach Muslims through literacy & English education
An EFL school is bringing English language education to a remote, largely unreached island. Working together with a literacy and library organization, do tentmaking work while improving lives through education and introducing Muslims to Jesus. Teach and live among several Muslim unreached people groups that would otherwise be closed to foreigners. Currently looking for short-term (1+ year) teachers as well as long-term director to take the English school to the next level for the Kingdom.
Sports Outreach in Mongolia
If you love youth and sports, come and join our church-planting team in Mongolia. We are looking for someone to help us run a sports facility for young people. You would get to facilitate sports programs, train Mongolians and build relationships as bridges to the gospel. Would you be willing to use your interest in sports as a means to reach out to people who have not yet heard about Jesus?
Immigrant and refugee ministry in the US
Salaamu aleykumu! Do you have a heart for Muslim women and children? Consider joining church-planting team in Indianapolis for a year or more to minister to immigrant and refugee women and children from the Muslim world, especially Arabia. In partnership with another woman, build relationships with these women by helping them to assimilate to life in the US while initiating discovery Bible studies. If you have Arabic language skills, that is a plus.
Be a midwife in North Africa
Women with midwifery training and at least two years of experience would be assets to antenatal and postnatal clinics working with women and babies in North Africa—short or long term. This is a great way to reach out to women of the community and meet their felt needs, giving opportunities to share the love of Christ while telling women about Jesus. Because of the challenging nature of this work, we long for more women who have hardy personalities and senses of humor. Come and join us in the church-planting opportunities in this unreached people group.
Use your profession in Mongolia
Come use your specialized knowledge and skills in Mongolia. The opportunities are endless. We need English teachers, dairy farmers, medical professionals, and forestry experts. The key to the work is being able to build relationships while working in your professional field. Your profession can be a catalyst to evangelism and church planting here.
Internship in Chinese ministry in the UK
Explore your role in the Great Commission while gaining experience in the different aspects of church planting, like evangelism, discipleship, intercessory prayer and discovery Bible studies. In a safe and nurturing environment you will have the opportunity to grow in your spiritual walk and your knowledge and practice of God’s Word in the context of building relationships with Chinese immigrants living in the UK.
Plant Churches in South Asia
Are you looking for an opportunity to minister to Muslims? A team in South Asia invites you to use your skills and experience in discipleship, evangelism and prayer to help them in their church-planting work. They are passionate about mentoring, mobilizing and training national believers to reach out to their Muslim neighbors. Will you take the time to learn the language and culture so that more people may hear and understand?
Cattle ranching in East Asia
On a beautiful 1300-acre cattle farm in East Asia, help initiate church-planting movements in nearby villages. The farm also hosts conferences, camps, and training for various groups. Looking for people with skills or interest in: agricultural outreach/training, specifically working with beef cattle, general agriculture experience, veterinary medicine, community health, camping ministry, rural development, mechanics or solar/wind power energy resources. Short term and long term opportunities! Inquire today.
Maintenance skills needed in PNG
People with practical skills needed! A team in Papua New Guinea is seeking someone with maintenance skills (engines, carpentry, facility maintenance). This team works in tandem with the local church for gospel ministry and training local Christians in practical skills. Would you be willing to give a month or a year to encourage a team, teach practical skills to local trainees, and share the gospel with those who have not yet heard about Jesus?
Muslim university ministry
Spend a summer In a country where conversion from Islam is illegal. You will have a chance to teach English at a huge Muslim university, with students from 125 countries. Teachers do not need formal credentials, you will learn on the job. Be part of church-planting team building cross-cultural relationships with Muslims from all over the Arab world.
Mobilization & church planting in Japan
Help mobilize other workers as you introduce short-termers to what God is doing in Japan. Teach an English class, share your testimony over coffee with a university student, or host Thanksgiving dinner in your home in order to build new relationships. Learn language and culture as you work with other teammates to plant a church in a country where 125 million people have never heard the Good News of Jesus.
Community Outreach to Bosnians
One team in Bosnia focuses on soaking their church-planting efforts in prayer. They actively seek people of peace who want to study God's Word with them. They meet people and reach out through a community center, where people can jump into ministry through the crisis pregnancy center, a counseling program for addicts, English courses, exercise classes and more. Perhaps you have something to offer this community.

Help establish an NGO in South Asia
One church-planting team in South Asia is looking for an individual to help create
development structures like an NGO to assist in their team’s ministry to Muslims. Use your practical skills in development while engaging in discipleship, evangelism and prayer to join in their church-planting work. They are passionate about mentoring, mobilizing and training national believers to reach out to their Muslim neighbors. Will you take the time to learn the language and culture so that more people may hear and understand?