Papua New Guinea Orality Project

Equipping the Papuan Church with oral communication methods

Decades ago, Pioneers was on the frontlines of raising up and establishing indigenous churches among tribes in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Since those early years, the Evangelical Chuch of PNG has steadily grown.

Many Papua New Guineans continue to rely on oral communication to learn, despite the leaders of the church having been schooled in traditional, literate-based means of education. This reliance on literate-based communication presents a challenge in teaching the truths of God's Word to oral-preference learners.

Pioneers (in partnership with the ECPNG and SIL) is developing an oral communication program to teach the stories of Scripture, so that the church can further grow and mature.

Initially, a set of 20 to 30 stories will be crafted, learned and recorded in four language groups in a series of workshops. The trained story-crafters from these workshops will then take the training to numerous village pastors. This ongoing program is designed to ensure that oral methods of teaching and discipling are available to all ECPNG pastors.

Your support of this project will impact many lives as Papuans learn more deeply the Truths of Scripture. Click here for more information.


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