India HIV Ministries

Sharing Christ's love with widows, orphans and families affected by HIV in India


Watch the video to hear about Rani's story!

You can also listen to the Global Glimpse below, which shares the story of a Pioneers couple working in India to help women and children who are afflicted with or affected by HIV. And through the love shown by the Body of Christ, lives are being transformed. (If you have trouble hearing this story, click here.) 

As reflected in the audio clip above, people in India who have HIV are often rejected by their families and communities due to social stigmas and a misunderstanding of how HIV is transmitted. Pioneers is offering a multi-faceted approach to bring dignity and discipleship to Indian widows and orphans alienated by society because of HIV.

In addition to the orphan care, we have also uniquely partnered with a non-profit, Fair Trade certified retailer called Latitudes ( to provide employment for HIV-affected widows. (You can view hand-sewn bags, purses, scarves and stuffed animals here.)

We also offer home-based care for home-bound HIV patients and their families. As we are invited into these homes, we are able to tend directly to both physical and spiritual needs. Through these love-drenched ministries, Indians experience the true nature of Christ.

You can also view an infographic report for this ministry here.



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