2018 Do Not Be Afraid Initiative

Sharing the hope of Jesus to the Arab world


“I have had dreams of Christ, but I am very fearful…”

The Muslim world is gripped by violent conflict. People suffer physically, emotionally and psychologically. Many have fled their homes and find themselves in refugee camps or in unwelcoming foreign cities.

All of these difficulties present unique challenges. But these circumstances also provide opportunities to reach Arab-world Muslims with the love of Christ.

Pioneers launched a campaign called Do Not Be Afraid, through which we aim to:

1. Engage one million Muslims online through our Arabic-language website, social media, and messaging apps

2. Disciple 15,000 new believers from a Muslim background.

By sharing a message of love and hope with those who are spiritually-open or looking to strengthen their new faith, we can comfort people afraid of the consequences of believing in Jesus, like the man above who shared that he was very fearful of believing in Jesus.

Would you make a gift to the 2018 Do Not Be Afraid Initiative? Thanks to a friend of Pioneers, the first $50,000 given to this initiative will be matched! Click the button to give now.

You can also view a full proposal for this initiative by clicking here.



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