Encountering the World of Islam
Encountering the World of Islam

At Pioneers, we believe God loves Muslims, and because of this, we offer the course called Encountering the World of Islam. It will guide you on a journey into the lives of Muslims around the world and in your own neighborhood. There's no other class like this - that explores Islam and the diversity of Muslims around the world, helps you gain insight into today’s global conflicts, dispels fears and myths about Muslims, and helps you develop your own outreach toward Muslims.

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Summer Institute on Islam
Summer Institute on Islam

The Summer Institute on Islam provides a solid foundation for understanding a Muslim’s worldview, theology and culture from within their own frame of reference. This enables us to form a relational approach for sharing our faith with Muslims so that they will understand it and be able to respond to what Christians really believe.

Date: May 30 - June 8, 2018
Location: Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
Tuition: $350

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Lilias Trotter Center
Lilias Trotter Center

The Lilias Trotter Center* enables thoughtful Christian engagement with Muslims by bringing seasoned evangelical scholarship and discipleship to students and to practitioners serving among Muslims to equip them for informed, fruitful and enduring ministry.


• Islamic Foundations: A Christian Analysis of Islam’s Source  Documents

• Globalization and Islamization

• Engaging the Muslim World

• Discipleship and Church Planting in Muslim Contexts


These courses combine online study with in-person, residential components, providing opportunities to audit courses or get graduate-level credit while remaining active in ministry.


For more information, visit the Lilias Trotter Center website or contact the faculty here.


*The Lilias Trotter Center works in collaboration with Pioneers and Asbury Theological Seminary