a Pioneer in Central Asia

 “I guess I want you to know that God uses us exactly as He has created us to be.”

In her first year of ministry in Central Asia, Anne began learning the language and acclimating to her surroundings. One Tuesday evening, she put on a kettle of tea as her roommate answered a knock at the door. Then, Anne heard her roommate scream as three masked men rushed into the apartment. As she went to see what happened, one of the men began beating her.

“I put my hands up swatting back, screaming, hoping to make him stop punching me,” she explained. “He took a gun from his belt, and told me to shut up or he would kill me. Then he hit me in the head with it. I fell to the floor where he kicked me three times in the face.” But in the midst of the chaos, God’s presence and assurance lifted Anne above the present suffering and into the purpose of God.

The thieves were looking for money, but there was none. The women saw their own blood splattered about their apartment as they fought back. Their screams alerted a neighbor who called the police, who arrived just in time to thwart an attack with a butcher knife, saving their lives.

The soviet hospital Anne went to for help only added to the danger she was in. Having worked as a clinical virologist, Anne noticed blood on the table from the last patient as she entered the x-ray room. Her face swollen and body throbbing, she called out to a doctor who was helping her with translation. The x-ray technician gave her an icy stare as he grabbed a rag from the floor to wipe the table. Later, the doctor stitched her head, chin and lower lip.

No antibiotics. No painkillers.

As months passed, she grew in her understanding of the culture and her love for the people. But now she had their attention in a new way. People listened more attentively when they heard her story. She ministered to women who experienced injustice and beatings as well. Later she testified in the criminal trial on public record that Jesus forgives sin! Jesus’ suffering—her suffering—brought glory to God.

If you meet Anne, you’ll notice a scar on her chin. It is a marker of His work in her life. Showing her how to suffer at the hands of the people she came to serve, yet offering them a message of forgiveness and salvation. It is a testimony of the way He saved her life and gave her a deeper connection to the women in her region.

Anne continues to serve God on the mission field.



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