Start the Conversation

By Pioneers-USA and CommNet Media

Since the reopening of Laos to tourism in 1989, a shift has been underway.

At the confluence of the Nam Kahn and Mekong Rivers, Luang Prabang (see map) has been dubbed “the best-preserved city in Southeast Asia” by UNESCO. Set between jagged mountains, its traditional Lao homes with hints of European influence from a period of French colonization make for unique character and even rugged charm, and supermarkets and internationally known fast food restaurants are noticeably absent. Tightly packed open-air markets still command most every aspect of commerce for the home.

Somehow the tides of tourists that descend on other parts of Southeast Asia have been held at bay. But that may rapidly change. Busses from China, flights from Thailand and tour groups from South Korea are steadily applying pressure on the infrastructure, customs and personality of the place. Their voices are being heard.

As with most change, there are both positive and negative consequences. But what stands out to me the most are the possibilities—a great hope that millions of unreached people will hear the Good News of the kingdom of God and enter it.

Some may say it is naïve to think that the gospel will outpace commercialization in Asia, but my prayer is that it will.

I can imagine the good news spreading through conversations in the markets and homes across the city. I can envision the natural pathways of Asian communities being powerful conduits for a Message that is not just good news for when you die, but good news for today.

If your heart beats for the glory of God in Southeast Asia, be a part of starting a conversation about Jesus in Laos. Don’t wait.

If you are interested in starting the conversation in Laos, please contact our mobilization team to learn more.


We want to connect you with the unreached—through prayer, financial investment and even exploring how your gifts, talents and passions intersect with the expansion of the Kingdom of God among the nations.