Photo Essay – Middle Ground

By CommNet Media and Pioneers-USA

Two thousand years ago, Central Asia was the world's hub of activity and modernity. People passed through Central Asia with their goods, stories, philosophies, religions and diseases on the network of trade routes called the Silk Road. And it has known its share of power struggles and conflict with Genghis Khan of the Mongols, Peter the Great and the Russians, and even more recently the Soviet Union. Now in this modern age, Central Asia is a still a crossroads between ancient and modern, East and West, Europe and Asia, Christendom and the world of Islam.

“Crossroads are often places that are trodden down because people are in a hurry to get through to another place,” explains one Pioneer. “And even though the ground is very hard in Central Asia, it’s often overlooked.”  

That overlooking and general lack of knowledge about this region, cause one Pioneer to call it the “black hole of missions.” Take a moment to see the people and sites of this region by viewing the slideshow on the right.


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