Photo Essay - Bolivia #1

Sharing the Gospel in Isolated Villages

In 2004, Greg and Alex, a father-son team working in Bolivia, came across a man on the road who was holding a little broken radio. He pleaded with them, “Fix it, it’s my life!” They helped him get the radio repaired and realize it was tuned to a radio station broadcasting in his native language, Quechua.

Greg and Alex had been searching for a way to share the Gospel with the people of isolated villages cut off from the rest of civilization during the rainy season. They were amazed to find the radios were made in their native Canada. Since then, they raised funds to purchase and distribute radios radios that include a Quechua audio translation of the Bible. In the last 10+ years Greg and Alex, along with many short-term workers, have distributed more than 50,000 little red radios.

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J.A. Boyle is Visual Media Strategist for Pioneers-USA. He recently traveled to Bolivia to see what God is doing through the work of a father-son-church-planting team.

See more about this project in Bolivia by watching our video or seeing the photos from our second photo essay.


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