One Body, Two Continents

from a Pioneer in the Middle East


Brahim* arrived at our church visibly exhausted from trying to find help for his family. He saw “Jesus is the Light” written in Arabic on the wall of the church and said to himself, I have been searching for this light!


A local believer accompanied him to the underground, windowless apartment Brahim and his family shared with his brother’s family. Brahim’s brother Hassan*, a man paralyzed from the waist down due to injuries he received while imprisoned in Syria, lay there when they arrived. Their living conditions seemed dire. So a group of Arab Christians and Pioneers took action. They collected food, mattresses, blankets, a heater and a gas bottle for cooking. They also began to share the Good News about Jesus.


A few weeks later, Brahim came to church, asking them to pray for Hassan’s healing. The local pastor led our congregation in prayer. Immediately, Brahim’s phone rang. It was Hassan calling. “I feel an incredible fire in my legs!” he yelled. That night, God restored partial feeling and movement. Eventually, he started using crutches. That healing opened Hassan’s heart to the gospel, and we started hosting regular Bible-study for several families in their home. As a result, Hassan put his faith in Christ.


"I tell everyone who walks through my door what Jesus did for me!"  


Though his wife remained closed to the gospel, we continued praying for the family and following up with Hassan. But one day we lost all contact with him.


Several months later I received a call from Hassan. He said, "I'm in Canada!" They received an offer to immigrate quickly and left before telling their friends. But it has been difficult because they don’t speak English.


“Over the last four years,” Hassan explained, “it has been the churches who have helped us.” He noticed that there are four churches in his neighborhood. “Do you know if any of these churches might be able to help?"


As it turns out, there happens to be an Arabic-speaking church nearby, and we have friends living there who visit them and help with practical needs. The whole family attends the worship service in Arabic now. They are filled with joy and gratitude for the way God cares for them through His people on two different continents. It is changing their lives.  


We hear a consistent testimony from Syrian Muslims, "It was the church that helped us in our time of greatest need." May they continue to find restoration and salvation in the Middle East, Europe and North America as they experience the love and compassion of Christ’s church.


Find out how you can be involved in helping refugees by participating in our #GivingHope campaign, a means to provide practical help with food packages, blankets and trauma counseling.


* These names have been changed.



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