Joys and Challenges

a Pioneer in East Africa

We have experienced many joys and challenges since returning to the village after our time away. While praying and assessing all that happened while we were gone, we were thrilled to find that our main leader was faithful in gospel work and five out of nine local leaders were also faithful to attend the discipleship trainings—a commitment that involves a three hour walk.

In addition to these joys we encountered some challenges. The women felt intimidated to share the Bible stories in their villages because of cultural pressures from their husbands. Some men also asked for payment to compensate them for attending the meetings. And many people from the community who were attending the Bible story sessions stopped coming while we were away. Unfortunately, we recognized that some of the enthusiasm we saw in them was merely skin deep.

Though we are facing problems, we are not overcome! We planned to extend our story set to address these issues in Biblical ways. We decided to press forward in prayer, love, faith and action—and that is what we are doing. I am happy to say that God has been directing us as we bring correction and discipline. He has even drawn back some who had fallen away. We believe God has been showing us which stories to share and who to work with. Because of His lead, we know the way forward. Please pray for us to remain adaptable to the changes that God wants us to make.



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