Grace Awakening

Pioneers in East Asia

As we reflect back on our last 10 years in East Asia, we can see that the past year has been a grace awakening, transforming the way we see our Abba Father, others and ourselves. Even after decades of being believers, we feel like we’re seeing Him and understanding His heart for the first time. We’re less sin-conscious and more Christ-conscious, less judgmental and more compassionate, less self-condemning and more free, and less self-conscious and more confident in His unconditional love.

This unconditional love is not just a theological tenet that we hold to, it is a truth that we have intimately experienced. And it has changed everything. His love is not fluffy. It’s fierce. It empowers us to say no to sin, disease, evil and apathy.

Life and ministry is not perfect. We don’t have our heads in the clouds. In the last two months we have said goodbye to dear missionary friends who had to return to the US. We feel the loss. We just learned that one of our local friends has been violent and abusive toward his mother and even attempted suicide multiple times. Our niece was just diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. From man’s perspective, the prognosis is grim, but we are living and resting in His love. We are not pretending that brokenness and pain don’t exist. But we are so confident in who He is that we are not overwhelmed by the storms or the giants. He commands the storms to be quiet, and He slays the giants.

So we enter this new year of ministry anticipating it with hope, resting in His love, listening to His voice, trusting in His care, readying ourselves to do battle. We look forward to fostering new friendships though we grieve about old ones, unwilling to hold back and insulate ourselves. We look forward to our friend meeting Jesus Christ face to face so that he may be set free from the chains of hopelessness and self-hatred. We look forward to our niece receiving the healing or medical care she needs for this disease. God is doing great things and continues to work in the lives of the people in this city. We ask you to stand with us for these things.

This is our testimony of what God is doing. May it help you expect great things and spiritual blessing in the coming year!



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