Are We Crazy?


Over a decade ago, when Peter and his family arrived in their Middle Eastern host country, there were only a handful of disjointed believers. Through the years, he watched the country devolve into chaos, violence, corruption and increasing persecution—and even targeting—of Christians. Even though one of his friends and co-laborers was killed for being a Christian in that volatile nation, Peter pressed on in faith, sowing seeds of the gospel in a land gripped by radical Islam.


Early in his service there, he was amazed by the prayer request of his friend—a former Muslim who was also a partner in evangelism and church planting. Rather than asking Peter to pray for safety from the bombs regularly hitting their city, he asked him to pray that the local Christians would serve and love each other. In the ten years of his service in the Arab world, Peter saw God connect that disjointed community of believers in answer to that prayer. Now they carry a vision for their country and pray to love each other as Jesus loved. And the roots of the church in this Arab country have spread, partly as a result of Peter’s faithful witness.


Since then, Peter and his family had to leave because it simply became too dangerous to stay. Critical security training and assessments provided by Pioneers allowed Peter and his family to enter a difficult place and serve for many years and then know when to leave. Peter’s family needed not only security training but also something we at Pioneers call member care. It involves debriefing, counseling and coaching to help Pioneers families process difficult and stressful incidents and transitions that result from cross-cultural ministry.


Peter and his family, and others like them, aren’t crazy to follow God’s lead into countries that are hostile to the gospel message. They know there are serious hazards to consider. But they also have the confidence of being aware of and prepared for dangerous situations they may encounter. And there is comfort in the fact that they have member care professionals who can help them walk through the challenges and hardships they face.


This April and May, we need your help and support to continue providing security training and member care for Pioneers on the field. It’s part of our Love Moves campaign for 2016. Please visit to find out more about the need and how security training and member care help Pioneers missionaries serve safely in over 50 hostile countries.


We want to connect you with the unreached—through prayer, financial investment and even exploring how your gifts, talents and passions intersect with the expansion of the Kingdom of God among the nations.