A Very Beautiful Message

Digital feet take the message to those who have not heard


Sameer was conflicted. He and his cousin were devoted Muslims, even engaging with militant Islamic organizations recruiting for jihad.


But Sameer and his cousin saw how hate and violence had torn apart their home country of Yemen, forcing them to flee to Turkey. Could there be another way?


One day, Sameer saw an online advertisement in Arabic. It offered a chance to talk with a Christian about Jesus. Sameer clicked and started a conversation with a Pioneers missionary. Pioneers used digital tools to advertise specifically in his area of Turkey so that one of our missionaries could meet with Arab refugees during a quick visit. That missionary, Philip, spent years serving refugees in the Middle East; now he was visiting Turkey to see how outreach could be done there.


Philip shares the rest of the story: “When we met Sameer and his cousin, they were extremely open and hungry to hear the truth. We shared the gospel with them, and Sameer replied, ‘This is a very beautiful message. Why didn’t someone come to our country and share this message with our people a long time ago?’ They both surrendered their lives to Christ, and said they felt a great joy and peace.”


Praise the Lord for Sameer’s testimony!


The Three Strands Campaign is one way you can help raise up missionaries and develop media tools for people like Sameer. Click here to find out more.




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