A Change in Identity

From Pioneers in Southeast Asia

Think for a moment about the thing that most defines you as a person. It may be your faith, family, upbringing, country, political party, ethnic background. What is it for you? Where does your identity come from?

Now, what if you found out that this defining belief was false and worthless? How would you feel? Could you actually change your whole identity, or would you even want to?

This is the challenge the gospel presents to our friends here. It is a stronghold Satan uses to keep people captive. Islam is not just a religion, it encompasses every part of the person and society—ethnicity, politics, community, family and faith. Apart from the powerful working of the Holy Spirit, how do we expect to change?

We have a friend here who we call Archer*. Over the past few months, we have had the privilege of studying the Bible with him using an audio translation.

Words cannot do justice to the amazing ways we have seen God working in his life. He has been chipping away the barriers in Archer’s heart so that truth can take hold. But Archer is not following Christ yet.

At the end of the audio recordings, there is an invitation to follow Jesus. I was nervous about this part and prayed for the boldness to speak the truth in love. I do not want my friend to slip into eternal darkness because I fail to challenge him to follow Jesus. So to the best of my ability, and by God’s grace, I talked to him about placing His trust in Jesus. This is how he replied:

I believe the New Testament. I believe Jesus is God's son. I believe He is coming back. Not just 99%—no 100%! I believe He died to forgive the sins of the world. But only God can give us the faith to believe and follow a certain way—Jesus’ way or Muhammad’s. I'm following Muhammad’s way right now, because that is what my parents taught me. But that is why I asked you to pray that God would show me the right, true way and that I would follow that way all my life. These are very important things. We only have one life, and we must find the right way while we are here.

As you can see, Archer understands many of the fundamentals of Christian faith, but he is still stuck in darkness. It is difficult to come to the realization that you have believed in lies your entire life. And Archer is right—only God can give him the faith to believe.

We invited Archer to continue studying God’s Word with us. He is excited about the opportunity and wants to learn more. He is still open, but would you pray that God would give Archer the faith to believe in Him?

*This name has been changed.



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