25 Miles

Kobe walks every day to plant churches


Kobe is a Pioneer from Ghana, West Africa. For years he has walked up to 25 miles a day to tell people in the surrounding villages about Jesus. Vehicles are often unreliable, but he doesn’t allow that to hinder him—instead, he uses his legs. Seeing people know Jesus is his great motivation: “I will walk for the Lord all the days of my life.”


Kobe knows that people have physical and social challenges in their lives. That’s why he is not just interested in the spiritual health of people. He wants to see social change and projects like the drilling of wells that will benefit whole villages. Eventually, he hopes the ministry can grow and that he may train up younger missionaries to tell more people about Jesus.


Kobe is married to Felicia, and they have two children, Gabriel and Divine. Though he trained as a welder and a mechanical engineer, he has chosen full-time ministry. He says that his days leave him tired, but there is always a bed waiting to give him rest.

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