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PIONEERS USA March 05, 2014

Since 1959, Arab World Media—a ministry of Pioneers—has been engaging in conversation with our Muslim friends in North Africa and the Middle East. AW Media communicates our message of hope: Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him!

Today, AW Media operates a powerful media ministry which includes 11 different websites, social networking (Facebook, Twitter) and a live email and call center in the Middle East. Through our all-Arabic website, (which means "Knowledge"), our Muslim friends can learn about Jesus, download Bibles and Christian literature, ask questions and more.

Here is an email from an Arab man who recently came across

"Greetings. I want to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ. Can some spiritual guide get in touch with me? Thank you."

The Lord is blessing our efforts to reach Arab-world Muslims. Last year, AW Media received over 5 million visits to its websites! And many of visitors are seeking the answers to the questions in their hearts, like the email above.

See what Arab World Media has accomplished this year through the While It Is Day initiative by viewing this report.



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