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The Journey Deepens

Posted by: Jason on 7/19/2012
The Journey Deepens

By Pioneers

Have you considered your role in missions? Have you wondered, What is my next step? How can I help see the nations embrace Christ? Consider attending The Journey Deepens October 19-21, 2012 at Pioneers’ campus in Orlando. This intensive three-day retreats is designed to provide sound biblical teaching and guidance in spiritual preparation for mission work. Seasoned missionaries partner with prospective missionaries to listen, pray, coach and affirm. Activities include worship, teaching, large and small group sessions, mission agency appointments and interactions, as well as scheduled quiet, reflective time. The $155 tuition fee covers your retreat materials, two nights lodging, and four meals. To register, click here.

Two Pioneers write, “Attending The Journey Deepens Retreat in Atlanta really showed us that at 42 years old with two kids, it is still possible to make that transition. God led the way as we kept taking one step at a time. Our business sold fast, our house sold, and now we are unencumbered and ready to go. While at The Journey Deepens someone told us that God can't steer a parked car; press the gas and see where He takes you. We did, and we are thrilled. Thank you for being the catalyst and giving us such great exposure to so many groups and opportunities.”

The Journey Deepens is sponsored by The Finishers Project and Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

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