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Posted by: Jason on 4/9/2014

From a Pioneer in North Africa

One North African boy brought his little sister to the house of a Pioneer. She had a severe facial infection. It provided an opportunity to for God to move and for the local people to see His love and work.

Posted by: Jason on 4/9/2014

By Amanda Lynn

A Pioneers couple reflected on the difference between casting nets or casting fishing lines as fishers of men among the unreached people of the world.

Posted by: Jason on 4/9/2014

By Cary Ramsay

On a recent trip to Southeast Asia, a missionary coach for Pioneers experienced a widened perspective on an island populated by many idols.

Posted by: Jason on 4/9/2014

From a Pioneer in Central Asia

In this Global Glimpse, a Pioneer working in Central Asia talks about how her practical skills help her build trusting relationships, allowing her to experience their generous hospitality—the opposite of what one might expect.

Posted by: Jason on 3/21/2014

By Pioneers USA & CommNet Media

With Myanmar's newfound openness, a multitude of opportunities exists to see the Lord work in new and exciting ways. There is a great need for the gospel in this spiritually barren land.

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